The right technical solution for every challenge!

Whether large heavy or small free-flowing goods - we have the right equipment!

What handling services can we carry out for you?

With our handling equipment, we are able to handle a wide variety of goods.

How can we help you with the handle bulky or heavy goods?

With our gantry crane, we are able to move goods of up to 65 t.

Our trained personnel handle every challenge with the utmost precision. If the payload of the gantry crane is not sufficient, we can additionally arrange mobile cranes.

Your contact for handling services using the gantry crane
Peter Bruck
Telephone +49 35646 93036Email

How can we assist you with the reloading your bulk goods?

With the acquisition of our silage plant, we have expanded our portfolio. We can now reload flowable goods from big bags into truck silo trailers.


  • Our facility is housed in a weatherproof enclosure so that loading is possible in all weather conditions.
  • Safe storage of big bags is guaranteed by the enclosure
  • With the 2 feed hoppers, continuous operation of the plant is possible, so that reloading is speedy and efficient
  • The plant is designed to be dustproof so that emissions are reduced to a minimum
Your contact for sileage plant handling services
Hannes Mitrach
Telephone +49 3564 693436Email

Your contact

Hannes Mitrach Leiter Transport Telephone +49 3564 693436Email

Your message to Hannes Mitrach

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