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Forwarding services

We provide our transport and logistics services for road, rail and ship with a network of strong partners. We are experienced in a wide range of transport services. Amongst others we also offer the following services:

How can we help you with road transport services?

Whether we transport using our own fleet or subcontractors - with our modern fleet and  impressive network, we offer the right solution for any transport challenge. Just contact us!

Your contact for all road transport needs
Katrin Bleicher
Telephone +49 3564 694902Email

What services in the field of railroad logistics can you expect from us?

TSS GmbH also offers its customers a wide range of specialised services in the rail logistics field. These include:

  • the organisation of rail consignments as well as the organisation of the last mile (combined transport):
  • Creation of logistical supply processes and transport technologies, including all relevant steps from the transport concept and customs clearance to monitoring and coordination of transports, as well as
  • the monitoring of the loading at loading points according to deadlines and time slots
  • the legally compliant control of damaged wagon and revision management
  • carrying out of the wagon management responsibilities of the connecting railway supervisor including technical and dangerous goods management as well as control of train and wagon circulation
  • dispatch process control including consignment note creation
Your contact for railway logistics
Lars Wuschech
Telephone +49 35646 92939Email

What challenge can we overcome for you? How can we assist you?

In the field of special logistics, we are experts in the following services:

  • Organisation and provision of vehicles and equipment for crane and auxiliary equipment operations
  • Project support and organisation of heavy duty haulage with our own and external technology
  • Material transport with a wide variety of vehicles e.g. all-wheel or heavy duty
  • distribution transport, e.g. of heavy material (parcel service)
  • Organisation of material transportation and crane positioning requirements.
Your contact for all aspects of specialised freight transportation
Katrin Bleicher
Telephone +49 3564 694902Email

How can we be of assistance to you in the field of maritime logistics?

In the field of maritime logistics, we organize transport to and from the port for our customers - regardless of the country.

  • Organisation of transport to the port, transshipment and bulk ship charters
  • Organisation of transport in sea containers including customs clearance, e.g. to Australia and New Zealand
  • Organisation of transport from the port to the customer
Your contact for water transport
Katrin Bleicher
Telephone +49 3564 694902Email

We look forward to finding solutions for you! Please contact us!

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