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TSS GmbH has its origins in the companies ESPE-TRANS and TSS GmbH Senftenberg. Both were founded in 1992 as start-ups of the vehicle fleets of Energiewerke Schwarze Pumpe AG and Lausitzer Braunkohle AG. In 1995, the two companies merged into TSS GmbH with headquarters in the Schwarze Pumpe district of Spremberg. TSS GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG and Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG.

Today, the company operates as a high-performance, reliable and modern full-service logistics provider. Its core competence lies in providing conceptual solutions for a variety of logistics problems using innovative technologies and systems. TSS has established a significant market position in the dangerous-goods sector in particular. This is thanks to its qualified and committed employees, who meet constantly changing challenges on a daily basis.


Transport logistics
Distribution logistics
Dangerous-goods logistics
Special logistics
Disposal logistics
Market and strategy
Procurement/ warehouse/ spare-parts logistics

Well-positioned logistics partner to important companies

TSS GmbH provides full-service logistics primarily to the companies of the LEAG Group and the EPH Group. TSS GmbH’s services and networks ensure competitive transport and logistics costs and guarantee reliable supplies and on-time deliveries to customers in the German market and abroad.

To improve its own competitiveness, TSS is continuously working on optimising and developing its logistical and administrative processes further, increasing digitalisation is an example.

The company works on various activities in close collaboration with a number of partners, including LEAG, Linde AG, Fels-Werke-GmbH, Felbermayer Deutschland GmbH and GMB GmbH, as well as small and medium-sized companies in Lausitz and regional, national and international freight-forwarding companies.

With our innovative strength and commitment, you move more.

Dr. Charles-André Uhlig Managing Director

Our philosophy –
the benchmark for our actions

As a subsidiary of Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG and Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG, the company adheres to a sustainable, long-term corporate policy focusing on social, economic and environmental objectives – and it does so with a high degree of commitment and a special sense of responsibility. The principles of our corporate philosophy form the framework for achieving these objectives.

Working for the region

TSS GmbH particularly promotes road-safety education in the region’s schools and kindergartens and also provides targeted support for children’s and youth sports as part of this effort.
Company employees volunteer to serve on Chamber of Commerce and Industry examination boards for the Cottbus chamber district.

Conserving resources and protecting the environment

With a continuous improvement process, the company aims to further reduce the consumption of resources by optimizing the use of energy and materials in all processes. In this context, TSS GmbH subjects itself to regular and systematic analysis. The environment is protected through the high utilization of vehicles, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and low consumption.

Providing comprehensive employee support

TSS GmbH strengthens and expands the knowledge and skills of its employees. We provide information and offers for further training increase qualification and motivation. Qualified training at a high level promotes the next generation of professionals and gives young people the best prospects for the future.

Supporting security of supply

As a full-service logistics provider for LEAG, TSS GmbH makes an important contribution to securing the energy supply in Germany. The company uses defined processes to deliver lignite products via road and rail to the LEAG customers reliably, on competitive terms and in compliance with all quality requirements. With its headquarters located in the region, TSS GmbH also helps to strengthen the local economy.

Ensuring safe working conditions

The highest priority in all processes is occupational, health, environmental, fire and corporate safety. The company places great emphasis on providing a safe, healthy and motivational working environment for its employees and service partners. It also works continuously to increase awareness of safety and safe conduct among managers and employees

Maintaining data protection and information security

The company strictly adheres to the principles of data protection in all corporate processes. The use of secure information technology ensures reliable and efficient processes in all areas of the company. Information is handled with a great awareness of responsibility to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Ensuring sustainable future viability

TSS GmbH regularly reviews the suitability, appropriateness and effectiveness of our management systems by adapting them to modified framework conditions and new challenges. By doing so, the company establishes the basis for making processes continually more efficient and flexible and for making optimal use of the opportunities presented by digitalisation.


TSS GmbH regularly reviews the suitability, appropriateness and effectiveness of our management systems by adapting them to changing conditions and new challenges. By doing so, the company establishes the basis for continuously making processes more efficient and flexible and making optimum use of the opportunities offered by digitalisation.

The principles of the corporate philosophy form the basis for the management systems used in day-to-day processes. These are characterised by forward-looking actions and using effective methods and procedures in conjunction with clear responsibilities. In this way, the company complies with the international standards for environmental, energy and occupational safety, as well as quality and information security and data protection. Furthermore, TSS GmbH meets all statutory requirements and approval conditions. The company provides the necessary resources to continually improve its work.

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