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True to the motto “TSS – Get things moving with us”, TSS GmbH offers its customers a variety of transport and related logistics services for road and rail. The wide range of tasks handled by the company includes

  • Silo transport,
  • Curtainsider and bulk-goods transport,
  • Material and heavy-goods transport,
  • Auxiliary equipment services,
  • Railway logistics,
  • Storage, retrieval and delivery,
  • Material and waste-management services, and
  • Various additional services.

To ensure the reliable fulfilment of its tasks, the company collaborates with strong partners and uses its own broad range of equipment. It has a large fleet of versatile vehicles for road transport and logistics services, including 30 Silosattelzüge, 5 five liquefied-gas tankers, 7 curtainsiders and 3 heavy-duty low loaders. TSS GmbH employs more than 100 professional drivers for this fleet.

TSS GmbH offers its customers a wide range of special services in the field of railway logistics. These include

  • Legally compliant control of damaged wagon and overhaul management,
  • Assuming the responsibilities of connection-train manager,
  • Wagon management, including assistance with technical issues and dangerous-goods regulations, as well as checking train and wagon circulations,
  • Managing shipping processes for refined products and other goods, as well as preparing bills of lading,
  • Creating logistical supply processes and transport technologies, including all relevant steps from the transport concept and customs clearance to monitoring and coordination of shipments, and
  • Managing the filling of loading points on schedule and within the specified time windows.

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