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From the refining site to the customer

TSS GmbH serves as a link between production and customers, managing, monitoring and inspecting all goods warehouse and handling processes. To accomplish this we rely on modern, computer-assisted time-window and dispatch management.

The primary focus of our logistics services is on refined products from Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG, in particular lignite briquettes. We also handle warehousing and handling processes for companies in the building-materials and paper industries.

TSS GmbH operates the production warehouse for refined products in the Schwarze Pumpe district of Spremberg as a primary support point for the transport, warehouse and handling of the refined lignite briquettes. We perform a wide range of services there concerning the materials planning for refined lignite briquettes:


  • Strict compliance with the latest guidelines for the securing of loads (VDI 2700 Securing of loads on road vehicles)
  • Time-window and dispatch management from 6 am to 8 pm
  • The weighing and data technology we use prevents overloading and enables immediate and automated generation of shipping documents during dispatch
  • Shipping or transport of palletised goods as partial or complete loads to customers throughout Europe (markets and retailers) by truck or train
  • Transport to warehouse locations throughout Germany using our own curtainsider
  • Transport of loose goods
  • Maritime transport of lignite briquettes, for example to Great Britain and overseas
    • Organisation of transport to the port, handling and bulk cargo hold charters, as well as
    • Organisation of transport in maritime containers, including customs clearance, for example to Australia and New Zeeland

Warehouse logistics and refining

  • Proper storage, refining, picking and loading of various palletised lignite products
  • Supervision of several warehouses in the Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate
  • An external storage area in the immediate vicinity of the Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate
  • The core business here is the storage and retrieval of up to 36,000 tonnes of lignite briquettes
  • Storage of Knauf panels and shipping of the panels
  • Storage of up to two tonnes of heavy paper rolls for Hamburger Rieger and shipping of the rolls

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