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As a reliable dangerous-goods logistics provider, TSS GmbH plans and organises the use of ADR silo vehicles for a wide range of materials. For this, it uses its own silo vehicles with ADR equipment from contracted partner companies.

TSS GmbH handles

  • All services related to refined, pulverised lignite, from order acceptance to delivery to the customer,
  • Materials planning of other silo-capable goods, in particular ash and sewage-works sludge, as well as
  • Pulverised lignite supply and ash disposal for combined heat and power plants.

TSS GmbH has more than 30 silo trucks of its own for this, as well as its own mobile pulverised-lignite transfer station.

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Katrin Bleicher Transport logistics, dangerous goods, special logistics, disposal logistics +49 3564 694902 +49 3564 617011

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